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Bus Terminal

Bus Terminal
The bus terminal on the first floor can accommodate both local buses and express buses departing from and arriving at Shibuya.
Bus stops dispersed in the vicinity of the West and South exits are integrated and barrier-free paths have been secured.
In addition, there are shuttle buses from Haneda and Narita airports for easy access from the airports.
This allows visitors to enjoy a stress-free visit to Shibuya's new gateway.

Tourism support facility shibuya-sanTourism support facility shibuya-san

Also, by establishing an integrated bus terminal and tourist information facility, we are aiming to further increase the international competitiveness of the Shibuya Station area as “Shibuya’s western gateway”.


Main Features

Tourism support function

Tourist Information

The Tokyo version of “Time Out”, the city guide published in 108 cities in 39 countries worldwide is available here. A guide map providing tourist information in English is displayed inside the facility.

Art Center function

Art Center

In addition to transmitting the charm of Shibuya’s traditional art and culture, this cross-cultural exchange hub communicates Shibuya’s charm to the world.

Night business

Nighttime Operation

Open until 23:00, later than other information centers in the area, and also offering promotion for Shibuya’s night tourism.

Services Tourist information, luggage storage and delivery, airport shuttle bus ticket sales and waiting area, foreign currency exchange, Shibuya experience programs, drink sales, art center, events
Operating Hours 10:00–23:00

Click here for more info about shibuya-san tourist information&art center and art center

Shop Guide

Arriving by train

JR Yamanote Line: 1-minute walk from West Exit

Keio Inokashira Line: 1-minute walk from West Exit

Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line, Den-en-toshi Line: 2-minute walk from Exit 5

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line: 1-minute walk from Shibuya Mark City


Car and motorbike entry and exit routes

Parking entrance

Parking entrance

Visit by car / motorcycle, exit routeVisit by car / motorcycle, exit route

Visit by car / motorcycle, exit route

Parking Lot Usage Guide

Fee ¥400 / 30 minutes
Maximum Fee 7:00–23:00 : ¥1,800
23:00–7:00 : ¥500
Operating Hours 7:00–24:00(last entry 23:30)
Parking Time
¥3,000 or more: 1 hour
¥10,000 or more : 2 hours
¥30,000 or more : 3 hours
*Same for all 5 blocks
Unit price adjustment between blocks
(integrated operation)
¥150 / 30 minutes
¥2,200 / 24 hours
*Same for all 5 blocks
Admissible Vehicle Sizes [High-Roof Vehicles] 5.3m long x 1.95m wide x 2.05m tall
[Ordinary Vehicles] 5.3m long x 1.95m wide x 1.55m tall
Wide area map

Wide area map

Motorbike and Bicycle Parking Usage Guide

  Motorbikes (motorcycles) Motorbikes (mopeds) Bicycles  
Fee First 30 minutes free of charge
¥200 / 60 minutes
Free for the first 30 minutes
200 yen / 60 minutes
First 1 hour free of charge
¥100 / 12 hours
Maximum Fee ¥500 / 24 hours ¥300 / 12 hours None  
Operating Hours 7:00–25:00 7:00–25:00 4:30–25:00  

Visiting from the Airport


Floor 1F
Category cafe/bar
Operating Hours

Cafe 7:00~17:00
Bar 17:00~23:00

Cafe 8:00~17:00
Bar 17:00~23:00

Sunday & Holiday:
Cafe 9:00~17:00
Bar 17:00~23:00

Parking validation not available
TEL 03-5422-3139

Simple, delicious food and drink at a reasonable price. Friendly service that can only be found at a small shop. This shop is perfect for a casual visit.
“We want to create a fun world of alcohol.” It is from this wish that this shop was given the name “Il Bar”.
Il Bar provides a space where busy business people working every day can relax and refresh.
Spend your time as you please in a delicious, fun, and sophisticated setting.


Floor 1F
Category tukemen
Operating Hours 11:00~23:00(11/6OPEN)
Parking validation available
TEL 03-6809-0019

"From taste to a bond"
Soup made over dozens of hours using ingredients selected carefully every day.
We’ve maintained the same taste for more than 15 years while also making efforts to evolve on a daily basis. At Tsujita, we strive every day to be a restaurant that cherishes the bonds created between customers and staff through a carefully crafted bowl of ramen noodles.


Floor 1F
Category cafe
Operating Hours 7:00~22:30
Parking validation not available

A specialty coffee store established in Seattle, USA. The Shibuya Fukuras location is mainly for takeout. Enjoy a wide variety of espresso-based drinks made using high-quality Arabica coffee beans while you're on the go!

shibuya-san tourist information&art center

Floor 1F
Category tourist information
Operating Hours 10:00-23:00
Parking validation not available

shibuya-san provides sightseeing assistance and also serves as an art center. We hope to make the facility a center from which new culture is born as a result of the power of art being a catalyst that brings people together, a place that may be limited in space but is neither dull like a conventional tourist information office nor still like an art museum.


Floor 1F
Category cafe/restaurants
Operating Hours 7:00~26:00
Parking validation not available
TEL 03-6712-7172

Lemon, produced by LEMONADE by Lemonica, is a lemonade specialty shop from Kanazawa that offers a variety of original menu items with fresh fruit juice and pulp extracted carefully using unique production methods. The interior of the shop is modeled after a circus tent. The seats at the European-style marble tables surrounded by lemon drops also allow you to use it as a café.